Our new single "Joyride"

We are pleased to announce their leading single Joyride off of our forthcoming full-length album Play That Rock ‘n’ Roll (January 2022). Joyride features the musical talents of Vinnie Longhi, John Pennacchio, Izaac Short (Weird Sisters), and James Varner. Joyride is coming to Spotify, iTunes and Pandora October 22, 2021. 

"Joyride boasts a timeless car radio hook which perfectly captures the exhilaration and freedom of cruising down the highway with friends. With over 3 albums of original material under their belt, Semi-Supervillains trusted their instincts on Joyride--making a splash with an electrified attitude and taking cues from classic rock’s finest."


If you are a fan of modern rock bands such as the Raconteurs, Starcrawler, or Dirty Honey then "Joyride" will be a sweet treat for your ears!